18. June 2019

Prof. Stefan Kropfitsch, Musical Advisor


IMK is in my eyes an unique form of society: it brings musicians from different countries together: no matter where they come from!
It is always extremely touching, how spontaneous and naturally the way of making music together immediately works!
It is like building bridges all over the world.
Bridges, which connect different people, ages, sexes, music schools, colors and even religions.
In my opinion the main theme of music should be the general understanding of life. There is in no other highly complex working together like in chamber music, orchestra or Opera. And the main and only reason of the music produced in such ensembles is to express emotion; emotion beyond words. It touches everyone of us differently. Some even cry silently, others start to think, thereas kids sometimes even fall asleep.
We send our culture to other galaxies (via rockets), and the main content is music by Beethoven and Bach.
We are aware of this stupendous masterpieces, and we hope to show to other species that this sort of culture is not aggressive at all.
The network of IMK is very international. It is spread in many cultural important countries.
To be a part of this society makes me a little proud. To help the Imk with my knowledge is therefore an honor for me.
Musical Advisor of Euro Sinfonietta Wien
Prof. Stefan Kropftisch