Verein für Internationale Musik- und Kulturförderung

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06. September 2018

Mozarteum Salzburg

30. April 2018

Klassische Matinée

02. September 2018

IMK Konzertreihe

20. Mai 2018

About IMK

Together, we can lead the world to unity through music

IMK is an international consulting and management company targetting specifically classical musicians with an ambition to extend their activities throughout the globe. In a globalised world, musicians have to spend much of their time marketing and selling themselves to perform on stage. However, we believe that artists should devote their time to the things they love. Therefore, IMK created international partners with directors, orchestras, soloists, and conductors to offer opportunities to those who want to perform in the greatest stages in the world. We organise nearly 200 concerts every year in Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Netherland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, Slovak, Rumania, Poland, Ukraine, United States, Canada, Mexico, Egypt, China, Taiwan and more. After much organising, planning and managing, IMK aims to give you the spotlight you deserve.

Meet the Team

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Meehae Ryo

Künstler Leiterin
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Amaury du Closel

Artistic Advisor
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Rebecca Lee

General Manager
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Honggeun Kuk