11. July 2016

About IMK

Many social scientists refer globalisation as the “shrinking” of the world. We now live in a world where people can buy goods from the opposite side of the globe, or communicate with others, who are thousands of miles away, in real time; all thanks to innovative technology in transportation and communication. However, as the modern technology allowed people to be more conscious of the world as a whole, it may have also created a barrier between people of different cultures.

Thus, IMK was founded in 1991 by Soon-Deog Kwon with a clear goal: “to build bridges and overcome seeming contrast between young and old, East and West, and tradition and modernisation”. We believe that, in a world where people group themselves in an over specified identity, we remember our one common trait, that we’re all human. Through that, we believe that unity in mankind is possible and to make this a reality, we believe music is the best method of doing so.

Music is a massive global phenomenon. It is easy to see people with earphones walking on the streets or playing songs in their homes. Even the top subscribed and viewed channels in youtube are mostly music. It is a unique form of art, as it can contain various expressions and emotions and can portray these feelings to their audience without having to translate or commentate on it. This simple language can be understood by anyone willing to listen and yet can project an array of different emotions reflecting the time it was written.

Now, IMK organises around 200 concerts every year in nearly 30 different cities with the help of our precious friends and supporters. Furthermore, these concerts are performed by wonderful musicians of various cultures and background, who share the same goal as IMK. The motion in the movement towards unity has been set and now, with our Artistic Director, Meehae Ryo, we would like to take it one step further. We, IMK, will now do our best to promote and support artists, who want to celebrate unity and spread His words.