Dearest guests, friends of classical music,

We are proud to invite you to one of the finest concert halls in the world, where we are holding an extraordinary musical event.

Before we begin our concert, I would like to greet and introduce myself. As of November 1st 2015, I am honoured that Internationale Musik- und Kulturförderung (Association for International Music and Culture Promotion; IMK) have supported me to take the position of Artistic Director. As a proud representative of IMK, I would like to announce our plans to further develop the aims of our company.

In the past 28 concerts held within Musikverein Goldensaal and 200 concerts organised each year, we have earned many precious friends and supporters from nearly 20 different countries. This partnership proves that IMK has finally increased awareness in variety of cultures within different country, age and tradition around the globe. We are proud that, with IMK in the lead, you and all of us have led the world to unity through music.

With that, IMK plans to further our vision. Our mission is to, not only to connect, but also share God’s love and happiness throughout the world and celebrate unity of mankind through kindness and respect.

From today onwards, I hope our SCHWINGUNGEN concert would lead you to an joyous experience and allow you to witness His wonders.

Meehae Ryo

Artistic Director of the IMK